Laser Proctologist in Bangalore

Haemorrhoids, polyps, anal fissures and fistulas are very common conditions among the population. In many cases, they cause very uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms that turn patients to a medical specialist in search of quick and effective solutions that reduce pain and improve their quality of life.

But the conventional treatment of such diseases involve methods like open surgery, stapler hemorrhoidectomy, medicated threads, use of anaesthetic jellies and many more. However, all the above said methods have painful recovery process, prolonged healing time, large raw area after surgery, longer hospital stay, lifestyle issues and more importantly chances of recurrence.

To solve all the above concerns new treatment modality is emerging, that is LASER PROCTOLOGY. It is the surgical treatment of anal and rectum diseases using laser. Advantages of laser are manifold, like it is painless, minimally invasive, no suture, scarless, bloodless, day care procedure, early return to work, no risk of damage to sphincter and it has minimal post operative care.

Overall, Laser treatments in proctology offers huge advantages when compared to open techniques and it substantially increases patient's comfort level. Laser treatments also reduces recovery time and ensures minimal chances of the disease which is treated.